Day 4

A day of working with the textile that is to be regenerated. Selecting a shirt that suits us – will we wear this shape, cut, fabric? Getting the foundation garment right for us is key. Acknowledging its damage – is it stained, ripped, missing buttons? How can our regenerative textile design approach ‘mend’ these faults? Or shall we make them a feature?

Using the tool box today. It contains things we can use to make marks, and things we can make tools from to make marks. It also contains the ‘Trend Bags’. These are tools for building visual ideas to help with the print design. We can make a print design from anything – but how can we make it work to make us feel regenerated? Using trends, post catwalk, to anticipate¬†what we will be seeing in the shops later this year may help us create something regenerated that is both of the moment, and of us. If we can avoid buying the ‘jumbo-clashing-contrast-stripe’ garment that takes our eye and gives our style hearts a little flutter this spring/summer, by creating our own personal fashion moment through a regenerated textile garment, are we not disrupting the existing system? Are we not moving towards new skills that free us from the tyranny of trend, and encourage us to seek, salvage and create for ourselves?

The task today is to create on paper a regenerative print design for the front and back of our chosen second hand garment. Go to the ‘(Re-)Imagining the Shirts’ page to see how we got on.


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